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Established since 2002, Secuglass had set a goal to be a Malaysian Company which is capable of producing wide ranges of bullet resistant glass products.

With the persistent effort in research & development, supported by the high spirit and dedicated work force, Secuglass accomplished the 1st generation bullet resistant glass products with the make-up of "glass and glass" within one year. The commercialisation of these 1st generation products enable Secuglass to recoup most of its R&D cost which then allowed it to move on to next stage of R&D for the 2nd generation bullet resistant glass products.

In the year 2005, Secuglass managed to break-through in its R&D and successfully produced bullet resistant glass products with glass and polycarbonate combination. These lighter and stronger products are compatible to those manufactured in Western countries. Within the same year, Secuglass was granted the Pioneer Status. Equipped with some small scale prototype machines, Secuglass only managed to supply projects with longer delivery lead time and smaller quantities. Knowing the current production capacity will not bring the company much further, Secuglass had tried to apply for the Government grant pertaining to commercialisation of research & development.

Thanked to the Government support, in year 2009, the MTDC (Malaysian Technology Development Corporation) had offered Secuglass a 50-50 matching grant. With that the company had purchased the plant & machineries which facilitated the company to commercialise its products in a larger scale.

Secuglass has now achieved its initial goal as the Market Leader in Bullet Resistant Glass in Malaysia. In line with this, we also apply for trade mark to establish our brand "Secuglass" in Malaysia and in foreign countries. However we shall not content with the current achievement. Instead, we shall work even harder in our R&D, aiming to nurture Secuglass products as one of the top Bullet Resistant Glass products in the International Market and one of the well established brand.